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Here is just SOME of what you get access to:

• Detailed video tutorials that break down the app's code and design.

• Step-by-step instructions to build your own version of the app.

• The finished app itself for you to keep! 🎁

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Do I Have a Track Record of Proof?

I have built apps & programs large and small. the biggest one being over a million dollars—and saw them rolled out across the US. I have also helped or taught MANY people along the way. Listen, some apps can cost as much as 60-70k to build! Imagine if that was you making the money and not me.

Why Are My Prices So Affordable?

Quite a few app lessons have already been recorded from our zoom calls. If we make more, those will be done monthly in groups and you can be there. That means I can leverage my time wisely .I'll show you how to build that same thing for yourself.

But the biggest secret is building an app and selling it to customers.

What will you learn to do

  • Pabbly Connect

  • GHL App-Building and Automation

  • Postman and APIs

  • VoiceFlow for Conversational Design

  • GHL Fulfillment

  • Review Management Apps

  • Site Building

  • BuildShip

  • Where to find Clients

  • Build a Micro-SaaS

  • a2p / 10DLC / TCPA compliance

  • Website and Business Automation

  • Ai (saved the best for last)

Are You Ready

to RiseWith Us?

Your storyyour dreamis waiting.

And it’s not just about code,

It’s about crafting a life where you’re in control.

A life where you Rise. With. Us.




"Revolutionary." --

"An ideal pick"--
Midwest Book Review

"This is the Harry Potterization of the Self-Help genre."

"Undoubtedly the right book for the right time."--
Stan Lee



Since the beginning of my career, I have always prayed for a mentor. I held on to that prayer even when I felt like I was losing a grip on my business. THAT'S 8+ YEARS OF THE SAME PRAYER!!!!

It's not easy to operate a business! Months ago, God answered my prayers and not only gave me a mentor but gave me a phenomenal team of business professionals from across the world...



I’m getting more excited about this the more I play!

Reckon what I learn from you is going to replace half my staff tasks…

And that is already going to save me thousands of dollars a year and make me more scalable!


CV / Resume

• Helped orphans in Malaysia

• Founded a Volunteer Center and Food Bank

• Hand-delivered food, toys and medical supplies to villages in Mexico

• Ran over a thousand miles to raise money for AIDS research

• Found homes for women and children living on the street

• Donated over a thousand children’s books to build a library in Africa

• Helped secure and distribute thousands of pounds of food to the homeless

• Donated 1,000+ pairs of socks to the homeless as a random act of kindness



What Sage teaches is worth $250,000...as he shows practical, real-world solutions (apps and automation) that can very easily be sold on to 1,000's of businesses.

I've told Sage he needs to charge more for this stuff! It doesn't represent the value.

If you get ONE CLIENT from what Sage teaches, it pays for itself many times over.

Sage has helped me turn into what feels like 'God Mode' in being able to run marketing & social media management for 100's of clients with just a few clicks of a button.

This stuff is NEXT LEVEL! The AI Revolution Wave of Opportunity is upon us, and Sage is at the front teaching us how to surf that wave like a Pro!🏄‍♂️


The course and training provided here are truly exceptional, making it incredibly simple to absorb complex knowledge that once felt overwhelming. This experience has significantly enhanced my proficiency in Highlevel (GHL) concepts, enabling me to develop solutions and applications that take advantage of GHL in advanced ways. The dedication demonstrated by Sage in creating this resource is truly admirable. Highly Recommended! 💯


I came onboard this training feeling extremely overwhelmed with which solid direction to take in the tech world. I was at a crossroad of just completely throwing the towel in and searching for another means of growing my business. I am so happy my path crossed with Sage! He meets you right where you are in the industry and help you define your position by outpouring his knowledge in a digestible way. He thoroughly explains the cause and effect of how and why things work when it comes to building apps. Not only does he teach you how to build apps but he shows you how to build a successful business from it! Please try his training, I have no doubt that you will take much more from that, than what you will pay for the training! Don't miss this opportunity.


Incredible value so far. Learning so much. Would have never thought creating apps and bots was so easy once you know what you're doing.


It has been a great experience learning from Sage Michael . I went there not knowing anything about apis and chatbots and now I’m creating the most complex bot ever to help me with one of my clients do I have more time to learn more from Sage. I always dreamed about programming but due to life circumstances I never got the chance to finish school. Sage gave me hope to live my dream 🙏 Truly humbled that this course found its way into my life.


This course had been amazing! So glad I grabbed it - so much value!

Imagine waking up every morning with a sense of purpose. A world where you are not just a consumer but a creator. Where every line of code is a stepping stone to a life of freedom, creativity, and financial independence.

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